pbbuttonsd and laptop-mode problem

Francesco Accattapà callipeo at libero.it
Fri Mar 11 18:07:49 CST 2005

Hi all,

I'm using Ubuntu hoary on an appple iBook G4 and I think I've noticed a
problem in the interaction of pbbuttonsd and laptop-mode.

pbbuttonsd comes with its own version of the laptop-mode
script, /etc/power/scripts.d/laptopmode.sh, while the laptop-mode
package installs it on /usr/sbin/laptop-mode (these scripts have the
same functionality and are almost identical); laptop-mode also installs
a control script in /etc/power/event.d/laptop-mode.

When /etc/power/pmcs-pbbuttonsd is
invoked, /etc/power/scripts.d/laptopmode.sh
and /etc/power/event.d/laptop-mode (which invokes /usr/sbin/laptop-mode)
are launched with different criteria, resulting in a duplication of
functionality and making it difficult to establish a consistent policy.

I'm not sure if it has to be addressed to pbbuttonsd or laptop-mode, so
I haven't filed a bug report, but I think that since laptop-mode is a
package specifically designed to do the job, the laptopmode.sh stuff
should be removed from pbbuttonsd, otherwise pbbuttonsd should conflict
with laptop-mode. I'll send a bug report if you think it's reasonable.

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