Installation Reports (Was NFSv4, Kerberos and Authentication Directory)

Ghe Rivero ghe_rivero at
Fri Mar 11 18:07:31 CST 2005

El vie, 11-03-2005 a las 14:39 -0800, Matt Zimmerman escribió:
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 01:03:48AM +0100, Ghe Rivero wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > 	first of all, congratulations. I just install hoary and everything goes
> > smooth (just a small issue with my wlan but that is another mail).
> What was the issue with wlan?  I didn't see another mail from you; is it
> something that can be fixed for the final release?

	Sorry, i was making a bug compilation of all the installations/upgrades
i have done at the moment.

	The problem with the wlan was that my chipset is a PrismGT/Duete but
version 2. On all systems it use the prism54 driver it doesn't work,
only with ndiswrapper and loading the windows driver.
	Anyway, always the machines boot, it loads the prism54 driver.

> > 	I'm really interested in NFSv4 and kerberos stuff. At my university we
> > have around 250 lab computers with debian sarge that will be updated to
> > hoary in the following weeks. The only thing that i'm missing is support
> > for NFSv4. I don't know if someone is taking care of it, but if not i
> > will love to help with it.
> > 	Related to NFSv4, we  have all the kerberos packages, servers... I have
> > some deployments on enterprises were the people is working without
> > problem, and i would like to include all this on ubuntu and make it work
> > "out of the box", some kind of authentication directory ( i can extend
> > this idea further is anyone wants it) Again, is anyone interested,
> > working on it, or should i take the first step?¿
> I am not aware of anyone working on this type of functionality, so feel free
> to dive in.  Bear in mind that we are in the final stages of the Hoary
> release, and not adding new features, but you can begin work now for a
> feature to be included in the next release.

	I was thinking on hoary+1 for this.

Another instalations problems (or not):

* Right now, restricted-modules are no sync with the kernel, so i have
not a working nvidia driver
* Fresh install on Vmware 5.0.0 (last version available) without any
* Update from a semi-updated warty, just two issues:
  - Severals questions about udev scripts updated
  - Problems with cupsys-driver-gimpprint (it just died installing)
* No problems in a fresh install with SATA disks
* libgnome2-perl not installed by default (synaptic required it for some
interactived questions)

	That's all for the moment. Next week i will test with some IBM Xserver
and HP proliants. Good job!

	Ghe Rivero

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