Call for testing: Preview candidate available

Pete Shinners pete at
Fri Mar 11 11:15:19 CST 2005

Tested the install candidate, this is a beautiful system now. My only complaints
and suggestions (that haven't appeared before) come down to the partition
manager. I have several existing partitions on my system that I want mounted.

In the partition manager it lists all the drives and filesystem types. To mount
one of these I have to select it, then select from a large list of filesystems.
It seems strange since the previous screen was already showing me the partition

When assigning my windows partition. There are repeated choices for "FAT32".
Wasn't sure which one to select, does it even make a difference? I picked the
"first" one and everything seems happy.

For the list of mount flags on FAT32 partitions, please add an options for
"umask=000". The drive is unwritable without sudo permissions. Since the default
behavior for most drives is "users can write", it shouldn't take a trip to
/etc/fstab post-install to hand add this mount flag.

Note, I also switched to "polypaudio" after playing around a bit. This magically
enabled sound in just about everything on the system. Very nice! The only
remaining program I can't get to beep-beep is wine. I also have a problem that
all sound now seems to hang for a second when opening new nautilus windows. It
doesn't happen everytime, and other windows do not have this problem. I know
this is now 'unsupported', but it is a big improvement on my system.

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