WorLord dlist at
Fri Mar 11 11:13:46 CST 2005

I, too, am having problems with gamin.  In particular:

I can be in Nautilus, staring at my /home directory.  I can download a
file, using firefox, directly into my /home directory.  Nautilus will
not report the change until I manually refresh my view.  

Moving on: that downloaded file is typically a .zip or .tar.gz.  I like
to extract these by right-clicking on them and selecting "extract here".
The file will extract, but not show the new folder created unless I
manually refresh.  

Also, any changes I make via terminal don't show up unless - you
guessed it - I manually refresh.  

These things are unpredictable - sometimes, gamin actually works.  I'd
say it doesn't work about 75% of the time, though.

(Note: These are all VAST, VAST improvements from FAM, which would
steal 100% CPU until restarted, or prevent unmounts for hotplug
devices, or other such high-level stuff.  Frankly, I'll take gamin over
FAM any day, as it does nothing disasterous like Fam did - but it also
simply doesn't work much of the time.)


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