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Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri Mar 11 00:14:28 CST 2005

 > > Also, there's no way to set the timezone before the session starts, (not
> > that I necessarily want more user interaction during startup, but that
> > seems important for things like the clock applet, which have to be
> > reloaded after a timezone configuration).
> I am curious as to why this seems to be so noticeable in the Hoary live CD;
> I've received a lot of comments about it.  As far as I know, no live CD
> attempts to set the time zone properly, because this can't be done without
> asking the user.

I guess I did complain a long time ago, but I wouldn't characterize it
as anything but a very minor issue.

I have compared tonight Knoppix (a rather old version 3.3) to Hoary
(preview version).  My machine dual boot with Windows 98, so the BIOS
time is set to local time.  When I first booted, BIOS indicated 9:41pm
(my timezone is PST).  I loaded Knoppix, and it came up with a clock
indicating 9:45pm.  It's timezone was set as "local timezone".  Then I
rebooted in the Live CD Hoary, and it came up with 5:51am, time zone

> Should we remove the clock by default, as it's only a distraction by
> displaying the wrong time in most parts of the world?

I guess it depends if a majority of users have the wrong time or the
right time.  But I suspect you will get more people wondering if there
is no clock.  A clock seems to be one of these standard piece found in
nearly every windows managers for the last 20+ years.

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