Linux magazin

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Thu Mar 10 21:55:31 CST 2005

> Yes it would but problem is Mr. Zimmerman and the developers should
> not have to deal with this, as they did not authorize nor have
> knowledge of the  distribution taking place, so the magazine looks good
> as its delivering bleeding software, but the distro looks bad for being
> still buggy, as it should be [ b e t a ].

I haven't look  at an installation done from that dvd; but unless they
really changed things around, in theory the apt source.list should be
the default one, and the software update applet should be running. So
I'm guess that whoever uses it to install Ubuntu  is simply one update
away (and hundred of updated packages...) from the latest and greatest
Hoary. At least I hope....

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