gnome-btdownload is dire

Will McCutchen mccutchen at
Thu Mar 10 16:44:44 CST 2005

> 1. It doesn't have the new file selector.
> 2. It doens't resume properly. If you click stop then resume, it'll
> simply delete all of your file and start again. Not good at all.
> 3. It has very poor download speeds - with gnome-btdownload I couldn't
> reach 20kbyte/sec. On the exact same file with Azureus (which is so
> much nicer) I was eaisly getting 55kbyte/sec. Obviously this could
> just be a coincidence, but I did it for 3 files, and very similar
> problems.
> 4. It doesn't handle multiple torrents. It also doesn't save your
> settings, so you have to set your upload speed every single time.

Take a look at Avalanche as an alternative to gnome-bt:

It was written to try to fix its author's nitpicks about gnome-bt,
most of which (the nitpicks) you seem to share.  Note, though, that it
too uses the original BitTorrent codebase, so any speed/port problems
you are having might persist.

It's a little rough around the edges, but so far I prefer it to
gnome-bt.  If you like Azureus, though, Avalanche might seem far to
simple to you.  Personally, I find Azureus a little bit overwhelming;
it's like BitTorrent infoporn.


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