Array CD 6

deelerious dlist at
Wed Mar 9 11:39:17 CST 2005

Some more VMWare fun. Array6, all defaults installation. Totem is
preconfigured for XWindows (X11/XShm/Xv) output. As a result, after
launch it pops up a dialog box saying "Totem could not startup.
Resource busy or not available" and then quits. No other indication
what to do. Changing the video output to XWindows (no Xv) makes it

I'm not even sure if this shouldn't be considered an upstream issue.
However, the question is: should Totem be configured for the least
common denominator so that it "just works" out of the box? Or,
alternatively, direct the user to System>Preferences>Multimedia Systems
Selector to change their settings to make it work?


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