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Is that french?  And a frog?

. . . slashdot would have a field day with that.  *remembers last
article that vaguely mentioned the french, and the total lack of
relationship to the article in the following comments*

I hate frogs, make it the kitty from Amor (hey, pluggable faces, supply
12 of them) and maybe.  Also, make the kitty roll around, purr, and play
with my buttons when it's bored.

nico.palau wrote:
> Hello ! 
> I don't know if i'm in the right place to post.
> I'm programming a User Assistant for another Linux distribution 
> ( ). 2 others Linux distributions are
> interested for the 
> moment.
> The assistant is aimed at helping the new users which are not
> used to use 
> Linux. You can see a few screenshots here : 
> , 
> , 
> and 
> .
> If you want, i can create a Ubuntu version. You only need to
> provide me with 
> some pictures of what you want the user assistant looks like
> (for the Octoz 
> project, it's a frog).
> Tell me if you are interested.
> I find that Ubuntu distribution is really good. You've made a
> good job !
> PS : the source code is not yet available. I need some
> pictures and when it 
> will be ready, i'll provide you with the source code and the
> installation 
> instructions. Of course i'm ok for any help !
> Accédez au courrier électronique de La Poste : ; 
> 3615 LAPOSTENET (0,34?/mn) ; tél : 08 92 68 13 50 (0,34?/mn)

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