Release Announcments - important notes IMHO.

Sivan Green sivan at
Tue Mar 8 13:06:55 CST 2005

Hello world,

As per my talk with Mark, I would like to inquire if we
could write a short list of stuff, that ubuntu hoary does
out of the box to be included in the release announcment
for the preview release, which is due tommorow. This would
be also great to have afterwards maybe for the release
itself althought the official release announcement may be
less technical.

This could be done as someone going over the release notes
extracting some of the most useful features (even if it's
something as simple like enabling a desktop user to control the system
cups browsing state ;-)) that were added, including the missing 
bits where applicable and add this brief list to the "what hoary can do out of the box" note
in the relesae announcments.  I know all of us have worked hard to make it happen, 
and I think this deserves more attention at release/preview announcements 
then it receives now, which would also raise the level of interest by media etc.

Am I talking rubbish?


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