Remote nautilus vs. Firefox ftp browsing. Let's fix remote nautilus!

Eric Feliksik milouny at
Tue Mar 8 11:27:47 CST 2005

Let's discuss what to do with remote ftp sites when opened in gnome 
and/or from firefox. When I try to connect to an ftp-host with gnomes 
"Connect to server" option, the server is opened in firefox. I think 
browsing ftp-shares with firefox
a) looks ugly (for example doesn't show you nice icons)
b) don't let you drag-n-drop

With all do respect to the people who put their valuable time in 
nautilus, I'm not *at all* happy with the functionality of 
remote-nautilus. (I have a number of complaints, starting with ). Still, this mail is 
about using remote-nautilus for the job.

About nautilus-remote mounting: Although a transparent lufs/shfs 
filesystem would be best, I'm speculating this is maybe not nicely 
implementable in Linux. So I think the gnome-vfs thing is ugly from the 
start, but as that's where everybody (including a lot of respectable 
intelligent people) is heading, I'll follow them.

Then why not open the ftp:// host I tried to open via gnomes "Connect to 
server" option with nautilus itself? I believe this was the case 
previously. Although I think remote-nautilus is basically broken, if we 
all want it to be in gnome so badly, it should be fixed and used! On an 
ftp-site, I want to view files. For viewing files, people wrote 
nautilus. Firefox is for viewing web pages. So actually, even if I click 
an ftp://... link in firefox, it should be opened with nautilus!

I hope to open a discussion about this.



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