Some extensive system health monitoring

Jay Camp jayc at CLEMSON.EDU
Mon Mar 7 23:15:36 CST 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 23:10 -0500, John Richard Moser wrote:
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> So I was considering the smartmon thread about making an icon to
> indicate health, and system recovery tools, and whatnot, and came up
> with a bigger idea than just "Your hard drive will fail soon."
> Potentially, "You need more CPU," "Memory is low," "Security regressions
> detected," "Users passwords cracked," etc.

A while back I saw some work (or perhaps they were just prototypes) that
some GNOME people were doing for notifications.  They were sort of
similar to the Windows XP-style notifications.  Those are sometimes
annoying, so something like this would have to be done _right_ and not
abused (no I do not want to clean up my Desktop, go away!).

Does anybody know what I'm talking about?  I can't recall any
specifics. :(


>  A CPU analyzer to notice when X11 apps (which
> should be interactive realtime tasks) are spending way too much time
> cranking 100% CPU could suggest a faster CPU

Or the program is hung ;).  Wouldn't be good to tell them to buy a
faster CPU when there is a bug.

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