New Zope & Plone packages for hoary

finegus dlist at
Sun Mar 6 15:12:38 CST 2005

yes... it's true... I am an idiot:

I installed warty and liked it... Any quibbbles I encountered were
related to issues that seemed to be addressed in hoary... So I
downloaded hoary... cut a CD and made the installation.. 
It seemed to me that there wasn't much difference between warty/hoary
and I learnt to live with ubuntu.. Until this thread made me realise
that, although I downloaded hoary, a slip of the finger meant I cut the
CD using the warty iso and therefore... all I'd done was reinstall
warty... what a plonker I am.. better to cut down on the adam currry

I humbly apologise for my brief, but idiotic, visit to this forum


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