gnome-btdownload is dire

nav dlist at
Sat Mar 5 22:42:23 CST 2005

(I'm the author of gnome-bt.)
Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> 1. It doesn't have the new file selector.
Yes it does. It has for some time. I just released 0.0.19 as of
yesterday and the new dialog was supported in 0.0.14 (released in April
of 2004!). I really do try to stay up-to-date with GNOME integration as
far as PyGTK will allow me. No, really :).
Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> 2. It doens't resume properly. If you click stop then resume, it'll
> simply delete all of your file and start again. Not good at all.
That would be a bug. In fact, a bug I've never experienced (I actually
use the software I wrote, what a surprise :P) or had reported or
emailed to me. I do not have a lot of time to be online with my current
(unfortunate) work schedule, so I'm not entirely sure when the Ubuntu
forums became my bug repository...
Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> 3. It has very poor download speeds - with gnome-btdownload I couldn't
> reach 20kbyte/sec. On the exact same file with Azureus (which is so
> much nicer) I was eaisly getting 55kbyte/sec. Obviously this could
> just be a coincidence, but I did it for 3 files, and very similar
> problems.
The program "cheats" and uses the official BitTorrent codebase for all
the grunt work. Were your ports setup properly? That (ports) is
something that's far too low level (or even not controllable by the
local machine) to have gnome-bt do automatically. I've never had such
problems. Azureus is rather slick in that it can use one port for all
BitTorrent sessions, something my program (as it relies on the official
BitTorrent codebase) does not try to do.
Martin Alderson Wrote: 
> 4. It doesn't handle multiple torrents. It also doesn't save your
> settings, so you have to set your upload speed every single time.
Agreed. This is something that's rather annoying to handle the way my
program was originally written. It would take a complete rewrite to
handle this properly. If someone wants to take over the project or
steal the name for their (working, implemented, better) replacement,
just ask. I'm not the most attentive maintainer any more :P.

Please excuse the sarcasm, no insult meant.


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