Viktor Stansvik vstansvik at
Sat Mar 5 06:19:59 CST 2005

On lör, 2005-03-05 at 12:58 +0100, Hervé Cauwelier wrote:
> Viktor Stansvik wrote:
> > less of the system has been translated to my native language
> > (Swedish). I was just wondering wether this is the normal process,
> Yes this is all normal, translators cannot afford to work on and review 
> translation updates on each developpement release. Given that these 
> versions are likely to change, there's no real point in translating a 
> sentence that would disappear at next release or change again and 	again.
> > and
> > that the different translations will be applied when GNOME and Ubuntu is
> > in freeze.
> As I remember, Gnome follows some "message freeze" period where 
> developers cannot change any sentence, and translators can begin their 
> work. Exceptions can be given, though.
> Hopefully, Ubuntu 5.04 Will have a nice and all translated Gnome 2.10. :-)

Ok. That's what I thought. According to the release schedule
( GNOME has been in string
freeze for almost a month, and the Swedish translation status page says
there's only about 900 untranslated strings in gnome-desktop, so it sure
seems that way! ;P

Just one more question, is the main menu of the gnome-panel still
altered in the Ubuntu build of GNOME, or did the GNOME devs think it was
such a good idea that they made it the default?

/ Viktor

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