SCSI cd emulation

Vincenzo Di Massa hawk78_it at
Fri Mar 4 19:44:38 CST 2005

Alle 02:22, sabato 05 marzo 2005, Matt Zimmerman ha scritto:
> On Sat, Mar 05, 2005 at 02:08:32AM +0100, Vincenzo Di Massa wrote:
> > I noticed that the last 2.6.10-25 kernel detects my CD/DVD drives as scsi
> > devices.
> > For some reason the system hangs on boot (before init startup) when
> > detecting the cdwriter.
> >
> > My question is the following: why is scsi emulation needed? Shouldn't it
> > be avoided becouse it is buggy with 2.6.x kernels. How can it be
> > disabled? In the ide-scsi 2.4.x days I used hdc=ide-scsi in the kopts to
> > enable it. But now I don't have it set and ide-scsi is popping up anyway.
> >
> > I post this question here becouse:
> > 1) If it is a bug I think ubuntu-dev is the right place (bug tracers...
> > nhaaa!!)
> > 2) If it is not a bug, I would like to know why ide-scsi got resurrected.
> I assume that you are using an SATA controller.
> Are you actually seeing the ide-scsi module loaded and in use, or are you
> inferring its existence from the use of SCSI-style device nodes?

I'm using sata, you are right! I thought that it was using ide-scsi because i 
thought libata cannot handle cd devices.

What changed in 2.6.10-25 that makes sata manage dvd and cd as scsi devices?

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