KUbuntu feedback

Han Valen hanvalen at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:31:58 CST 2005

This report is about my 30 minutes with KUbuntu
I just tried the Kubuntu live CD. I took note that it booted to the
KDE GUI preferences wizard. I was expecting to dropped to the KDE
desktop but I guess this is something which will be worked out in the
future. I chose full GUI effects and Plastik as my GUI theme. I was
kinda expecting to find FireFox in KUbuntu but I can understand if it
is not included. I opened up K3b the KDE CD burning app & it found my
CDRW correctly. However it failed to find cdrdao which will prevent
K3b from burning CDs.  So I moved on. KUbuntu had set my screen
resolution to 1600x1200 & I prefer 1280x1024 so I tried to run krandr
(KDE Resize & Rotate) and it too was missing. After that I ran
konqueror and visited a bunch of forums and websites and konqueror
seemed to work fine. I don't like the default KDE background so I
popped in a CD to install a new wallpaper from a ZIP file. KUbubtu did
not automount the CD so I wanted to check if this CD had
created/modified a fstab based on my system. I opened a konsole window
and tried to vi /etc/fstab. It failed to find vi or vim. I gave up
trying to check on fstab and instead I manually mounted the CD to
/media. I opened the ZIP file in Ark and extracted a JPG to $HOME &
then successfully changed the desktop's wallpaper.

My Kubuntu wish list:
- include firefox. It may depend of GTK libs but FF is quite popular
- include vim or at least plain vi so we can have a basic CLI editor
- include cdrdao so we can burn CDs
- include krandr so we can adjust the monitor's resolution & refresh rates
- automount CDs or provide a desktop icon like Knoppix so that the
user can mount CD and browse the CD's filesystem in Konqueror.

To all Ubuntu & KUbuntu devs: I appreciate all the quality work you
have done. Many thanks for all your efforts.

Eduardo Han Valen
HanValen at gmail.com

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