[Bug 7150] live CD locked password, hoary live/install differences

Chip Piller piller at visi.net
Thu Mar 3 20:44:34 CST 2005

I booted a recent hoary-live-i386.iso, did some work on the computer, selected
"lock screen" from the menu, and left my computer.  I returned later and found I
was unable to unlock the screen and resume my session.  The xscreensaver prompts
for a password, says "verifying", and then it fails.  This is a recent change in
behaviour, previously a user could successfully lock/unlock the screen.

So, how should the live CD handle the default user account and passwords? 
Should there be a difference in the user account setup for the live CD and the
install CD?  Should an application behave the same way for both the "live" and
"install" versions?

I think that the differences between the "live" and "install" versions should be
kept to a minimum. Presently when booting the live CD one is asked for boot
options, language, and keyboard layout.  Why not ask for user name and password
as well?   


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