resolvconf, dnsmasq, network manager (was Re: resolv.conf file keeps getting rewritten)

Elliot F elliotf-ubuntu-dev at
Thu Mar 3 20:10:10 CST 2005

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Elliot F">
>>I have not yet heard the arguments against NetworkManager, just things
>>like "it isn't suitable", and "a shame about the architecture".  I had
>>tried it, but it made many assumptions about the locations of files
>>(/etc/sysconfig) on the system.  Is this the cause of the complaints
>>listed above?  Is it just that it is so redhat-centric?  I had thought
>>netapplet was the same way (initially) as well?
> It's early days for NetworkManager, and it has been going through very
> active development, and a lot of architectural change. We weren't satisfied
> that it was ready for hoary, and for a while, it looked like it was not
> going to be appropriate at all. But that's been resolved now. It is not Red
> Hat centric, previous versions have been fairly easily ported.

What were the architectural problems?  The only doc's I've found make it look a 
fair amount like netapplet:  A daemon that configs/scans networks with ties to 
hal, communicating via dbus to a user applet.  I plead ignorance.  Any 
enlightenment would be appreciated.

> It's highly likely that we will ship, or use NetworkManager by default, in
> an upcoming release.

This is a choice over the prior preference of netapplet?  Are there any more 
up-to-date packages for NetworkManger (other than Thom May's at  Netapplet is promising, I 
would like to see something fill this most needed space.

Keep up the wonderful work!

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