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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Mar 3 18:44:51 CST 2005

Le jeudi 03 mars 2005 à 18:53 +0100, Martin Willemoes Hansen a écrit :

> 3. The GNOME backgrounds which is supposed to be part of Gnome 2.10 is
> missing :( It would be nice to have them included by default, maybe they
> are available from synaptic, did not check that out sorry.


Right, the package is "gnome-backgrounds" and it's in universe.

> 4. GDM is still version which is very old, from 20041026, now
> and lack a lot of important translation updates for several languages. I
> guess GDM is part of GNOME and I hope it will be updated to the latest
> version which was released 20050202.

This version is not that outdated and the changes are pretty minors
according to the changelog but will probably be updated soon.

> 14. The weather applet only allows me to choose locations in North
> America and the Middle East. Im not sure if this is a Ubuntu packaging
> problem or a bug in Gnome Applets.

Bug in gnome-applets 2.9.7 fixed today in hoary.

> 15. Network settings, SSID not remembered.
> 1. Open network settings
> 2. Set SSID for wireless nic
> 3. Close network settings
> 4. Open network settings, SSID back to default "ANY"

Is /etc/network/interfaces changed to reflect this setting ?


Sebastien Bacher

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