Array CD 6

dmatrix dlist at
Thu Mar 3 14:25:58 CST 2005

Testing report here on an Asus A7A266, 1400mhz AMD K7, scsi cd burner
and old ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP card.

# Bugs
- Error about RAID failing on bootup. I do not have RAID, so this
failure would make sense, but showing it does not.
- Monitor detected properly, but screen resolution too high for setup
causing graphical corruption, probably due to an older ATI card that
only has 4 megs of RAM. Setting to 1024x768 in xorg.conf resolved
issue. No easy way to do this other than dropping to a console and
editing the xorg.conf file.
- Nice Industrial cursor theme is still broken. Or maybe this is on
purpose? Installing the old Industrial engine solves this problem and I
have the nice mouse cursor back.
- SCSI cd burner does not work with Nautilus CD burner. Always
complains the size of the blank CDR/RW is too small to fit the data. 
- Graveman burns cds just fine. But the icon is missing in the menus.
- Replying to an email with Evolution the display of the reply sticks
all these weird '>' characters in it.
- Mixer Applet complains on login about not finding mixers on systems
that have no sound cards.
- New bug. I selected Canada and Amercian Keyboard layout like usual,
but now my '/' and '\' keys do french characters.

# Wishlist
- Any reason IPV6 is enabled by default? I always disable it.
- On install it would be nice to have an option for LDAP client auth.
Or even post install
- New Human icons should be default instead of ugly default gnome
- Sure would be nice if fontconfig AutoHinter was on by default, but I
understand there are patent issues with this.
- Clearlooks-Human would be nice as the default theme with some new


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