Installing packages

Michael Anckaert michael.anckaert at
Thu Mar 3 09:17:59 CST 2005

Hello all,
I'm new to the development list but I've been hanging around on the
users list for some time.
I have a suggestion about installing packages. 
When the user wants to install extra software, he has to go through
synaptic and search what he needs. 
I propose that we (I know I'm not a developper but want to help out
where I can) upgrade the update-manager so that it can install packages
Here is how I would like to see things.

The users wants to install some office software, he starts up the
update-manager and he sees a list of categories. 
He selects 'Office' and gets a list with all the different Office
programs the kind Ubuntu people have provided. 
* Office Suite
* Groupware
* etc

This way, the user shouldn't have any knowledge of how the program is
named, the should just know what he wants.

Some example categories could be:
* Office
* Internet
* Grapical
* System

... you'll probably noticed that this list looks a lot like the Gnome
applications menu wich is a good thing! This will make things a lot less
complicated and I believe that users will have a much better experience
installing packages.

What is your oppinion on this?

Like I said, I'm a newbie and I hope I didn't offend anyone by getting
on the list and start spreading my ideas :-).

With kind regards,
Michael Anckaert

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