upgrades (was: Accepted linux-source-2.6.10 2.6.10-19 (source))

David Mandelberg mandelbergd at eth0.is-a-geek.org
Wed Mar 2 13:37:02 CST 2005

zack18 wrote:
> so my question: for each post listed, am i to assume that the "latest
> version" of ubuntu for amd64 includes patches for the previously
> reported bugs
The latest version of packages will not have the bugs that made those patches
necessary, but might not implement a fix in the exact same way.

> or do i have to download the security fixes from each
> post individually?
not usually (read: almost never)

> and then reboot after each one?
You only need to reboot for kernel and init upgrades to have any effect. Glibc
and other libraries will take effect for newly run programs, so rebooting is a
good idea, but not necessary. GRUB upgrades only have effect after a reboot, but
GRUB is not used once the kernel is booted, so rebooting after a GRUB upgrade is
mostly pointless. Any other userland upgrade (i.e. programs other than init)
will take effect when they are next run. For system services (e.g. cupsys) this
is immediately after installation, for user services (e.g. gnome-volume-manager)
this takes place after a log out/in), for other programs (e.g. firefox) it takes
place when you close/quit them and open/run them again.

> i don't like the
> idea of automatic downloads, but prefer to check myself from the ubuntu
> website.
There isn't much of a difference if you use something like apt-listchanges to
read changelogs before upgrades. Also, the website isn't a good place to find
package info, use apt or a frontend instead.

P.S. this belongs on ubuntu-users, not ubuntu-devel
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