Numlock default

Jean Privat privat at
Wed Mar 2 05:45:08 CST 2005

Le mercredi 02 mars 2005 à 01:44 -0500, jayc at CLEMSON.EDU a écrit :
> However, this really is something that belongs more in GNOME keyboard
> preferences I'd say so that it can be configured with gconf and thus be
> a per-user or system wide setting.

I think the numlock status should be in the same state you let it
before. I don't think it has to become a configuration option but
something hardware related (like, for example, mixer volume for sound

There is two questions to answer:
* Is it a per user setting?
  I personally don't think so but I have any argument
* What is the good default state?
  the good default starting state seem to be "numlock is set except on

What to do
* on X shutdown, store the numlock state
* on X start, if a numlock state is stored, use it else use the good
default state.

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