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Joakim Berge joakim.berge at
Thu Jun 30 10:29:36 CDT 2005

Vel first I've not used isolinux like ubuntu does. I used Grub witch
looks for initrd and linuxrc. Modified mkinitrd so it would copy the
files i needed to be included in initrd. Wrote linuxrc from scratch,
wasnt too much info on the web so this was a bit trikcy. linuxrc does
all the things needed for init to take over. It also sets up unionfs
to make all dirs writeable, (I fell in love with unionfs, its
beautyful.) Before init takes over i remove everything in /etc/rc.S
and makes a link to some knoppix script wich will configure your
system. Now init runs just like on a normal system.

To make the cd from the Ubuntu installation I used mksquashfs, wich
compresses the filesystem realy well. And then place the squashfs file
in a CD tree structure, and then use mkisofs to make an iso out of
that dir.

I also made some bash scripts wich does all this, so it would be easy
to remaster.

This was a school project, so i have a report on this, but its in norwegian.

The result worked realy good on some systems, better then windows. But
it has some problems with laptops and new computers with
hyperthreading and so on. I suspect some of  the problems could be
solved with better autoconf script. Dont think knoppix-autoconf was
the newest one.

Hope this helps.

BTW. If anyone is hireing, let me know, I need a job :)

On 6/30/05, Alexandre Strube <surak at> wrote:
>  Em Qui, 2005-06-30 às 14:19 +0200, Joakim Berge escreveu: 
>  I've made my own Live-CD based on Ubuntu.
> Thought some of you guys would want to share the expirience.
> Any interest?
>  Hello Joakim, how is that different from ubuntu live which is already
> available for download at ubuntu's site? 

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