Nautilus.smb -> application

Sami Haahtinen ressu at
Thu Jun 30 02:16:35 CDT 2005

Leslie Viljoen <lesliev <at>> writes:
> Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> > Opening it in nautilus, means using the Gnome virtual file system.
> > Unfortunately, OpenOffice does not onderstand this. If you want
> > *complete transparent* access to samba shares, you should mount it.
> Many Linux applications make use of completely different file selectors
> which causes no end of confusion. The X11 apps are terrible! Try opening
> a file in XPDF for example. I know what a job it would be to fix all
> this... even if just OOo worked, that would be quite a victory. Perhaps
> the nautilus guys could be persuaded to provide a mount-in-regular-fs
> option.

There are no real or quick solutions here, one might be to create a wrapper
library that wraps the system calls that open files in to gnome-vfs calls. There
are solutions like this that address ALSA vs. OSS issues or the tool we all love
so much: fakeroot. Other idea might be to create a wrapper inside gnome-vfs (not
nautilus as that would solve the problem in just one app) that copies the file
to local temporary location and would then maintain status for that file copying
the changes back if the file changes.

Neither of these is a real solution to the problem. And the latter might even
prove to be destructive (if the file is changed on the network, or if the file
is locked on the network). 

- S

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