Nautilus.smb -> application

Alexandre Strube surak at
Wed Jun 29 06:26:16 CDT 2005

Em Qua, 2005-06-29 às 12:34 +0200, Dennis Kaarsemaker escreveu:

> > When you open an SMB share in Nautilus and then double-click a .doc
> > file, OpenOffice opens but then cannot find the file (file .....smb:.....
> > does not exist).

> Opening it in nautilus, means using the Gnome virtual file system.
> Unfortunately, OpenOffice does not onderstand this. If you want
> *complete transparent* access to samba shares, you should mount it.
> You can use to aid you in
> adding samba shares to /etc/fstab if you do not understand (or care)
> about the details of mount. 

Maybe Leslie was talking about usability concerns. We all should know
about g-v-fs issues, (hey, this is ubuntu-devel, huh?), and finding a
solution for this would be an interesting matter.

As far as I can recall, there is a package called
gnomevfs in debian. Would this address this issue?

Sorry if I'm talking nonsense.


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