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Molot molotster at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 00:59:16 CDT 2005

I know about 50 Ubuntu users. 10 of them do not care about the names,
they just don't want to use distribution that require learning things
from release to release (That's about changing names), the rest ask us
to enable "that big thing with a lot of programs" just after the
installation... That's probably all I have to say in this topic :]

On 6/27/05, Carl Karsten <carl at personnelware.com> wrote:
> > Uh... I spend a lot of time in #ubuntu. I didn't meet no one that said
> > main is enough. Instead, I heard a lot of people saying "doesn't ubuntu
> > have X package?" and soon after that "how do I enable universe?".
> That is the case of any support avenue: people post complaints but not
> satisfaction (normally).
> Are there any stats on how many ubuntu boxes are out there?  I wonder if we
> combine all the web logs of the repositories and look at IP.  Not perfect, but it
> would be a number.  If there is 100,000 IP's, then a few 1000 complaints is nothing.
> Carl K
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