Enabled repositories in default install

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Sun Jun 26 11:49:17 CDT 2005

retype wrote:
 > I think a first start message is really needed, and it would be better
 > if we use rosetta to translate it. I always have to spend half an hour
 > or more with every new ubuntu user so I can explain how to put
 > universe, how to install mp3 players and everything that is need to get
 > a full working system.

I agree with your goal, but have a problem with the details.

I doubt you have spent time with "every new ubuntu user" - I think it is more like 
"every new ubuntu user that wants all the functionality of some other system."  I 
agree that there are many people who want that, and some of them actually need it. 
   "Many" is not "all" or even "a majority", so I wouldn't want to make changes 
without considering how it will impact the users that are happy with the default 
Ubuntu install.

Perhaps in the setup there could be a dialog with a list of "I want more" items. 
It would include "play mp3/dvd", "compile source code", "play games", "be a 
router", "be a VoIP pone switch", "run windows apps", "use vendor supplied video 
drivers", etc.  If they check any of those off, then a "first start" script can 
open browser with a tab for each item they selected - or something.

 > Maybe we need that and changing the icon of synaptic for something more
 > apropriate, like a litle ubuntu certificate or something like that. A
 > debian swirl next to an application doesn't say anything to a normal
 > user (specially for one that doesn't even know that ubuntu is somewhat
 > related to debian).

I agree - for something as important and significant as package management, the 
current implementation seems kinda obscure.

Carl K

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