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Fri Jun 24 01:48:04 CDT 2005

Hi Matt!

Matt Zimmerman [2005-06-23 14:37 -0700]:
> I like (4) except for the bit about throwing away update-notifier and
> gnome-volume-manager.  I assume we could do this in such a way as to do the
> transition in stages, though, yes?

It depends. Adding or removing daemons from existing user sessions is
a PITA and cannot be done automatically (much like the introduction of
update-notifier in Hoary). Therefore we should aim to do the pain just
once and for all. In addition, the earlier we can get rid of that
scary g-v-m code, the better...

> Have you discussed our problem with the GNOME folks (especially the g-v-m
> maintainer) to see what they suggest?  There are surely other applications
> for such a system

So far I discussed it a bit with Michael and Sjoerd, and eventually we
will discuss it at the Utopia list. However, we wanted to present a
working proposal, not just an idea. We still have to think about the
scope, use cases, and the general design of plugins (loose coupling
vs. performance, and so on).

> I think that if we keep (4) very simple, and don't try to transition
> existing applications to it, it should be achievable for Breezy.  However,
> it is certainly more work than some of the other solutions.

Right, and a proper implementation is quite a lot of work which
somebody has to do; we could probably get a spec ready, though, and
just see whether somebody comes along and is interested in it.

> Did you consider having the mixer applet listen for these events?  It would
> be nice to have that applet integrated with sound card selection anyway.

We can do that of course, however, it requires the duplication of
large parts of g-v-m code.

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