Little change on /lib/lsb/init-functions

Taco Witte tcwitte at
Wed Jun 15 08:29:43 CDT 2005

Karl Hegbloom wrote:
On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 23:13 +0200, Alberto González wrote:

> > Those packages could modify init-functions when installed, making it
> > point to whatever file they need, as long as it conforms to the
> > "interface" of the original file.
> Are you saying that it should use 'dpkg-divert'? I don't like that
> approach very well. It would be better to implement some sort of
> overlay or PATH-shadowing system. Overlay would work best, so that the
> base functionality of the LSB init-functions could still be accessed
> without needing to duplicate it.

I'd propose to hide the output of the initscripts by default instead.
This makes things like localization easy because there's nothing to
localize (a 'start' message could be replaced by a dot to indicate
progress). And I think the user shouldn't be bothered with information
he/she doesn't need.
See bug #6794 and #10197 for an approach. In this approach, the output
of initscripts isn't displayed on boot but only when scripts are used
manually (such as on the command line or when installing packages). And
this behavior is configurable with the same boot parameters that are
used to control the output of the kernel (quiet, splash).

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