New package tesseracttrainer-0.1.4 needs packager

Leslie Viljoen lesliev at
Wed Jun 15 08:02:17 CDT 2005

  The Saltydog wrote:

>On 6/15/05, ubuntu at <ubuntu at> wrote:
>>I've written a package called Tesseract Trainer.  It appears to work and is
>>getting a reasonable response here: 
>...but it is a shareware license. You ask money for it!
Besides that, it's not so hard to get the rpm working on Ubuntu. I just 
had to
install libtiff, link to, use alien to convert 
to a deb,
install that and then change the startup script to cd to
/usr/share/tesserecttrainer/system before running the binary.

If no-one is up to the job of making a package for a shareware author,
those instructions can at least be put on his website. I don't know enough
yet to make a proper package with dependencies.

Andy: if you are not running Ubuntu, should I tidy up these instructions
for use on your website? (Though I haven't checked the other deps so
there may be libraries on my system that have not been taken into account)

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