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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Jun 8 09:52:56 CDT 2005

Hi Matthew!

Matthew Thomas [2005-06-09  1:30 +1200]:
> Does this mean Ubuntu needs to keep a list of each executable that
> should use a device other than the default one -- for example, that
> shtoom should always use the headset, if present, rather than the
> speakers? Or do programs need to remember that themselves? Or would you
> have to switch manually each time?

We can't have a global per-app database, an application needs to
remember its preferred device on its own. The best thing we can do is
to remember whether a particular _device_ should become the default
automatically without asking (I thought about adding a small check box
"Remember this decision for this device").

> Either way, it would be great if the choosing could be done some way
> that's not an alert -- perhaps extending the Volume Control applet.

That has already happened in gnome-sound-properties
(System/Settings/Audio). If the general consensus is to not pop up a
dialog as a hotplug response, that's fine for me as well, but as you
just demonstrated yourself, finding System/Settings/Audio already
seems too hidden to be found by an user. If a dialog is too intrusive,
then maybe a small icon (in the style of update-notifier) is better?


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