irda connection

Martin Holt Juliussen mjuliuss at
Mon Jun 6 16:29:34 CDT 2005

man, 06,.06.2005 kl. 23.05 +0200, skrev S. Donig:
> Am Montag, den 06.06.2005, 21:41 +0200 schrieb Martin Holt Juliussen:
> > I have now tested this issue on my laptop with these irda-modules:
> > irtty_sir, sir_dev, irda, crc_ccitt
> > 
> > I tried to load the ircomm module but nothing happened in /dev. I found
> > out if I load ircomm_tty also (depends on ircomm, so you can just use
> > modprobe ircomm_tty) the device nodes in /dev will be created.
> > 
> > Hope this helps.
> > 
> Great! You did it. A thousand thanks. Now we will only have to put
> ircomm_tty to our /etc/modules and we should have irda going out of the
> box. If I load irnet now I'll also get irnet devices created, which has
> not happened prior.
> So thanks again. 

Any Ubuntu / GNOME / fd.o developers on this list reading this? Is this
possible to do in project Utopia so users don't have to do trouble
shooting like this? I used quite some time to figure it out. First I had
to figure out I needed to edit /etc/defaults/irda-utils (filed bug
#11401 before that), then I had to figure out this last thing.

Thread in ubuntu-users.


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