Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Mon Jun 6 15:01:20 CDT 2005

All this chatter about firewalls, but nothing has been added to 
http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/Firewalls.  Will the people who care about this please 
figure out what is important and post it.  and please focus on defining the 
problem - that seems to be the biggest problem with this thread.

I think this thread should be focused on improving that wiki page and what should 
be added or removed from it.  I believe it is the wiki page that will drive a 
change in Ubuntu, not a long thread.

Currently there is:

Scope and Use Cases:

Charles wishes to protect his machine, which is directly on the Internet, from 
attackers. He wishes to be able to continue to use his peer-to-peer clients.

William wishes to enable his machine, which is directly conected to the Internet, 
to serve web pages to his friends, whilst remaining protected otherwise.

Harry wishes to share the connection on his computer to the rest of his family.

I believe the current Ubuntu install covers all 3 of these, so as it stands, 
nothing more is needed.  However, the "Rationale" section of the wiki page implies 
otherwise.  Some of the posts in this "mobility and firewall" thread suggest that 
there are more use cases, which might justify the Rationale.

Carl K

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