Draft laptop testing spec

Martin Holt Juliussen mjuliuss at online.no
Sun Jun 5 07:35:52 CDT 2005

Hm, I used the ubuntu-user list e-mail address. But ok, here it is.

søn, 05,.06.2005 kl. 11.46 +0100, skrev Matthew Garrett:
> On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 18:54 +0200, Martin Holt Juliussen wrote:
> > As a sidenote I need to invoke the command hotswap to get my CDROM to
> > work if I don't boot with it inserted. Shouldn't it be possible to do
> > something like this in hotplug etc.?
> Only if we get some sort of event on insertion. What sort of machine is
> this?

It is a Acer TravelMate 620 laptop. If I insert a IDE-module (i.e. the
CDROM) in windows it gets detected and enabled. But I don't know if
Windows' deamon are polling for changes on the IDE-bus or what they do.

Another problem with the IDE-module-system is that the CD-rom
configuration lives in /etc/fstab and shows up under "Computer" if I
don't boot with it. Also if remove the IDE-module it the kernel does not
detect it (just errors in dmesg) or at least udev does not remove
the /dev/hdc.

mount /dev/hdc hangs and / or gets a segmentation fault.


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