Init scripts list and description

The Saltydog thesaltydog at
Fri Jun 3 12:29:32 CDT 2005

Thanks for your suggestions and support.

A part from the new descriptions, I think we are in the need to have a
"standard" way to detect if the inti scripts in the list are running
or not. This is not standard in Debian/Ubuntu as they don't use the
"status" option in the /etc/init.d scritp, as other distribution have.


1) on my desktop (CPU AMD Sempron 2400+) I have powernowd in the init
scripts and activated in RL2-3-4-5, but the service is NOT running as
Sempron (k7) is NOT supported by powernowd.

2) Many services can be detected by their related daemon (if the
variable DAEMON is set in the init script), many other use the PIDFILE
variable, many other does not use anything and it is very hard to have
a standard way to detect running services from init scripts.

Why don't Ubuntu implement the "status" option in the init scripts? It
should be easy then just to run invoke-rc.d <scriptname> status...


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