Carlos Parra Camargo cparra at emergya.info
Fri Jun 3 04:13:09 CDT 2005

I'm interested in working in all of them. Of course, help will be wellcome.

As you said, the backend wich integrates with existing Ubuntu installer
components will be the hardest task.

I've worked a lot with d-i, i've modified it for a small distro called
"Guadalinex Mini".

In "Guadalinex 2005" distribution, most of this work will be done. This
project is open i'm working on it, may be i would reuse some code because
one of the goal of this projects is give to the user a way to install the
system from the "live" system, exactly that UbuntuExpress is proposed to

I would like to focus on give exactly the same that the install-system
(no-live). debconf would help a lot in this purpose.

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