GIS packages for Ubuntu

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Sat Jul 30 21:37:14 CDT 2005

Excited to see other Ubuntu folks interested in GIS!  :grin: 

I've bookmarked the UbuntuGIS page and plan on monitoring it to see how
the project evolves. I've already used it to check out a number of
programs to see which I want to install.

I am getting ready to compile GRASS, with JGRASS for a GUI, and that
brings me to my suggestion. Good GUIs for GRASS are important for
general users. I admit command line is powerful, but a GUI reduces the
learning curve necessary for those not using GRASS for higher level
analysis. Hopefully I'll get the two to work so I can report how useful
JGRASS is as a GUI.

Thank you for this effort!

Oliver Grawert Wrote: 
> hi,

> Am Samstag, den 14.05.2005, 04:56 -0400 schrieb niconi38:

> > does anybody manage to install GRASS 6.0 on hoary ?

> > and if you do, please tell me how...

> so you happen to use GIS ?  thats absolutely great, we started a
> project

> for breezy that shall offer a good out of the box setup of
> applications

> for a GIS workstation. 


> Corey Burger did already an awesome work and assembled a list on



> we are looking for people that use GIS regulary and can judge the

> quality of the apps and give us hints what to include so that we get a

> good default set for your regular use.


> please feel free to comment on the current selection, give hints or

> judgements. if we get enough information together in time for breezy,

> you will be able to just install a gis-workstation metapackage (or

> omething similar) to have your cosy working environment with all
> needed

> tools for your daily work.


> ciao

> 	oli


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