breezy preseed and hands off

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Sun Jul 24 05:01:41 CDT 2005

On za, 2005-07-23 at 19:48 -0500, Carl Karsten wrote:

> Did that not work for you?

What I needed was a complete hands-off install and reinstall. So my pxe
config boots the installer by default and I used preseed/late-command to
register the client as installed on the server, so that it will create a
special pxeboot config for that machine to boot from the local HD.
Reinstall is then simply removing this special file and rebooting the
client (all done in a script called reinstall).

But this discussion is going quite off-topic for Ubuntu devel, let's
take it to the sounder list or a private mail conversation.
Dennis K.
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