Breezy usability testing?

Travis Watkins alleykat at
Wed Jul 20 16:14:48 CDT 2005

On 7/20/05, Chip Piller <piller at> wrote:
> Is there any formal type of usability testing program currently in use or
> planned for the Breezy release?  I'm talking about the kind of thing where you
> take a recent snapshot of Breezy and then ask average users (not linux
> developers or geeks) to perform some common computing tasks. Detailed feedback
> from the usability testing is obtained, evaluated, and a punch list for
> developers created.
> Then you fix a few things, update the common computing tasks test suite, and
> repeat the process.  The release improves, you get more users, more testing,
> feedback, improvement ... and instead of 10x10 you hit 10% in 2007 :)

And oops, you take 2 years to make a release that could have been done
in 6 months. :)

Travis Watkins

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