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Martin Meredith:

> Shot - Piotr Szotkowski wrote:

>> 1. Are's hoary-backports planned to replace
>> the Ubuntu Backports Project (

> Question 1. Simply, yes, not simply, partially.
> It is planned to replace this, as the hoary-backprots will be
> builtn automatically to and mirrored out as
> if it was a normal repository, however, the hoary-extras repository
> will NOT be taken on in any official aspect, which will mean that
> will remain for the hoary-extras
> repositories.

Ok, this makes sense. I totally forgot UBP actually
consists of two parts, backports and add-ons.

> Please note however, that it is the Backports team from
> that will be running
> the new "official" backports, so don't worry, we're not
> trying to kick anyone out of a job, the most impact it will
> have on users is the change of URL, the increased stabilty
> of backports, and the distinction between hoary-backports
> and hoary-extras

I wasn't worrying the UBP team will "lose their jobs", and I do believe
it's better to have the backports on Ubuntu servers, especially when
they will track Breezy automagically (wesnoth's case: UBP has 0.9.1,
auto-built backports will have 0.9.3).

>> Example - the wesnoth package. Hoary: 0.8.11-1, UBP: 0.9.1-1~5.04ubp1,
>> Breezy: 0.9.3-1. If upstream were to release 0.9.4 tomorrow, will the
>> users have to wait till late October for it to get into hoary-backports
>> (or breezy-backports by then)?

> With Regards to your second question, I have no idea, this hasn't been
> discussed as of yet, and is a good question, and one I'm going to be
> asking myself

It's a case that falls exactly in between hoary-backprots and
hoary-extras - a version that's not in Breezy (so an add-on?)
of a package that is (so a backport?). :o) If you have any info
on the policy of what will be done in such cases, please let us

// My guess is that the sanest thing would be to recompile Debian sid's
// package (if there would be one) and put it in hoary-extras on UBP's
// server, while leaving Breezy's version in hoary-backports.

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