Dropping support for Mozilla suite

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 19 23:57:33 CDT 2005

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> We already have great fun with providing security updates for Mozilla
> and Firefox for Warty and Hoary. This takes an incredible amount of
> time and code knowledge, and nobody in the team is really familiar
> with it.
> So I think the best solution would be to demote Mozilla into universe
> in Breezy. Of course we still have to support it in Warty and Hoary
> (which is a different problem we also need to solve), but at least we
> can reduce some pain in the future.
> If people really want to use it, I'd rather upload new upstream
> microversions to *-updates, which is much easier and also safer than
> messing with tons of patches that don't apply any more.

+1 given that somebody will take care of uploading them.


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