Ubuntu Done Quick

Alex L. Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Tue Jul 19 20:00:36 CDT 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> About half of the time is spent configuring all the packages.

> I am not sure how the install could be made much faster. And 25 minutes
> from start to finish, is very good I find. I don't think it's worth
> trying to make it quicker for the sake of it. It's just an install after
> all.

Well, this is just a shot in the dark, and I'm no expert, but I think 
that perhaps a lot could be done.  I've found that a lot the time of 
configuration is spent doing things like 'ldconfig', once for each 
library as it is configured, rather than waiting til the end and running 
it only once when all libraries are installed.

I think this may be an area that warrants further analysis.

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