Preseed question

Scott J. Henson scotth at
Mon Jul 18 09:26:20 CDT 2005

Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:

>(Although this is maybe a question for u-users, I post it here since
>there will be few user who will know this)
>I am trying to setup an unattended install, this all works fine except
>for one thing: preseeding of a certain package, nis, fails.
>On an installed system, debconf-get-selections and
>debconf-get-selections --installer give me:
>d-i nis/domain                      string enterprise
>d-i nis/not-yet-configured          string
>nis nis/domain                      string enterprise
>I have added these to the preseed file, but still d-i asks these
>questions. The nis package is installed via: 
>base-config     base-config/package-selection   string (~n^ubuntu-base$|~n^openssh-server$)|~n^nis$
>Waht am I doing wrong/how can I do it right..?
Just a wild guess, but nis doesn't respect the non-interactive 
frontend.  I know libnss-ldap and libpam-ldap don't respect it and we 
had to rebuild them both here to get our automated install going.  
Basically its just commenting out some stuff from their postinsts, but 
for you it might be trickier.  We just over write the conf files, if 
your trying to continue to use debconf, then you might have to 
intelegently modify it. 

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