Version Bug with Ruby

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Jul 18 05:44:00 CDT 2005

Le lundi 18 juillet 2005 à 11:19 +0100, Nicholas H.Tollervey a écrit :

> version. The debian package from which the Hoary package is derived is 
> fixed to the latest final current release. Packages such as Rails (the 
> ubiquitous web application development tool that seems to be making 
> waves in the web-dev community) require the latest version of Ruby and 
> have started to enforce this requirement (just over a week ago).

Hoary has the version which was available on the freeze for it and
usually there is no version change for a stable distro. Anyway this is
probably a good reason to update, you just have to find somebody not too
busy wanting to tackle that.

> The bug was duly reported and has been assigned to debzilla at 
> Hence the reason for my question.

That's the defaut assignement, that means that the bug is not assigned
to somebody but on the common list of bugs.

> So, the problem still remains, and apart from a few brave individuals 
> who are trying (unsuccessfully) to get around the issue, not a lot seems 
> to be happening.

That's July, some people are on holidays, other are quite busy and I'm
not sure than a lot of these people use ruby, so it's not easy to update
something you don't use for a stable distro.


Sebastien Bacher

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