Installing smeg as the default menu editor?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Jul 15 06:20:01 CDT 2005


GNOME 2.11 ships a simple menu editor with gnome-menus:
"gmenu-simple-editor". Basically what it does is allowing users to
mask/unmask menu entries. Most of the users are probably expecting other
actions from a menu editor, creating a new entry for the softwares which
don't ship a menu entry by example. At the moment we have
"smeg" (universe) which is pygtk menu editor using pyxdg. It already has
an userbase (usually that's the way pointed by users to people asking
how to edit menus), allows to create menu entries/rename entries/change
the icons and has a quite simple UI.

We should probably ship smeg with the desktop. 

Any opinion on this?


Sebastien Bacher

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