Accepted xorg 6.8.2-11 (source)

John Skaller skaller at
Sun Jul 10 18:34:30 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 07:46 +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:

> > >    * gcc4 transition: change xlibmesa-glu to libglu1-xorg, ditto -dbg, and
> > >      xlibmesa-glu-dev to libglu-dev-xorg.
> > 
> > How are OpenGL applications supposed to specify their build depends on
> > GL and GLU headers? There are quite a lot of packages universe which
> > FTBFS because xlibmesa-glu has been renamed. I see that build
> > depending on libglu-dev-xorg seems to provide both GL and GLU headers,
> > so many packages will build again.

Can't such changes be handled in transition with a dummy package
that just forwards a dependency (possibly also providing
symlinks to remap the actual build environment namespaces)?

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