Accepted xorg 6.8.2-11 (source)

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Sun Jul 10 13:16:43 CDT 2005

Hi Developers, hy Daniel,

We MOTU's have some questions about how to specify correctly build
depends in universe, but I think this discussion affects also an
larger audience.

This is the Message from Katie with the relevant change (I think):

On 5/17/05, Daniel Stone <daniel.stone at> wrote:
> Date: Wed,  6 Apr 2005 12:20:33 +1000
> Source: xorg

> Changes:
>  xorg (6.8.2-11) breezy; urgency=low
>  .
>    * Death by a thousand cuts: the road to X11R7 begins here.
>    * gcc4 transition: change xlibmesa-glu to libglu1-xorg, ditto -dbg, and
>      xlibmesa-glu-dev to libglu-dev-xorg.

How are OpenGL applications supposed to specify their build depends on
GL and GLU headers? There are quite a lot of packages universe which
FTBFS because xlibmesa-glu has been renamed. I see that build
depending on libglu-dev-xorg seems to provide both GL and GLU headers,
so many packages will build again.

But I don't know if that will not change in future again. So I'd like
to know, what is the most robust way of specifying a build dependency
on GL headers? And how for GLU headers? Is there some way to specify
them in a way that the package will build in ubuntu as on debian
autobuilders? (Yes, I'm maintaining also an opengl app in debian, and
I'd like to keep them in sync).


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