usplash and Software Suspend 2 'userui'?

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Buenas Karl Hegbloom, el 05 de Jul de 2005, a las 04:07 escribiste:
> I wonder if the Usplash software has been written yet or not?

now is splashy

deb unstable main

> The Software Suspend 2 developers have move the progress display for
> suspend / resume from kernel to user space.  There is both an 'ncurses'
> style text UI that uses a [----   ] style progress bar, and a graphical
> one that uses the framebuffer.
> What I'm wondering is if, perhaps with a small amount of added code, the
> userui program could act as the usplash program?  If the two systems
> could be reconciled that would be good.
> And, yes, I know, Ubuntu is not (as of now) using Suspend2 hibernation.
> I think that the people in charge of the ACPI and hibernation features
> should examine the Suspend2 system, and in particular, the 'hibernate'
> script that is part of it.  That script is more feature-complete than
> the present system used by Ubuntu, and could easily act as a base for
> Ubuntu hibernation features.  It is designed to work with all of the
> available suspend and hibernation types, both the already-in-kernel ones
> and the one provided by the excellent Software Suspend 2 patch.
> I am willing to dedicate some of my time to assisting with maintaining
> an Ubuntu kernel source that contains the Suspend2 patch.  I have been
> experimenting with it and learning the process of fitting it into the
> Ubuntu kernel, already.  What I'm still learning to do right is to
> maintain the whole separate patches patch-set thing.  Any advice,
> reading material or mentoring on that would be appreciated.
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